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As an Online Business Manager and a business owner, my first priority to you is to find out if I’m the right team member for you. Before we consider working together, I want to make sure we will have a great ‘fit’ and will be able to develop a sustainable and collaborative relationship.

My ideal clients

  • are ready for a strategic team member to move their businesses forward
  • are open-minded, optimistic and passionate about their work and their lives
  • work with integrity and honesty
  • are willing to communicate regularly and openly
  • believe in work hard and play hard and strive to keep these in balance

My ideal clients will feel my connection to their goals and see my unique ability to find creative solutions to help them move their businesses forward.

My promise is that I will

  • work diligently to help you accomplish your goals
  • communicate openly and honestly
  • work with the highest level of integrity

To ensure your success and mine, and have fun in the process, I have developed a consultation process so we can both be comfortable that we are a ‘fit’ to work together. This process generally involves at least two separate conversations and about 2 – 2 1/2  hours of our time. If you’re interested this is what we’ll do next:

After we’ve made an initial connection
1) I like to schedule an initial phone call. As we begin our initial conversation, I like to spend about 15 – 20 minutes getting to know each other a little bit – just a fun chat about anything at all.

If we enjoy meeting each other, we’ll want to continue our conversation, and move into talking about the nuts and bolts of our businesses and how we might work together. If there is resonance between us, this entire conversation will be at least 60 minutes. I suggest scheduling 90 minutes on your calendar, to be sure we have enough time.

If we’re both interested in moving forward after this
2) We will schedule another 60 minutes to discuss, in more detail, how we might work together, along with some deeper topics about how we both work – to determine if our work styles, values and goals seem to be a match.

During this conversation, we may decide if we want to move forward to work together.

If we decide we want to work together
3) We will create a start-up strategy together.

I also have an agreement that I will send you, and I will need you to complete and return it to me by our start date.

If what you’ve read resonates with you, I hope you’ll reach out to connect.
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