Lisa has been a core part of the “Dream Team” since 2012 – before we really had a team. She has helped me manage the logistics for in-person workshops and transitioned to the launching of my successful Dream.Love.Paint online workshops. Among all the other details she handles, this past year she managed the launch of my new website. Lisa is a reliable & loyal team member. Working with Lisa has allowed me more time to focus on the things I love doing. Lisa is very detail oriented and I can hand things off to her with great peace of mind, knowing it will be managed well! As any entrepreneur can tell you, it does take a team and having a trustworthy team member like Lisa makes it all work seamlessly! Thank you Lisa!!

Dreama Tolle Perry, Dreama Tolle Perry Art


Lisa has been a treasure to Savvy Young Writers. I reached out to hire her at a time when I needed to establish effective systems for all of the behind-the-scenes administrative processes of my client-serving business. One by one she tackled them all: sales, customer service, billing, and more. She has the ability to hold an enormous amount of detail in her head and juggle many pieces at a time, often directing other contractors. Mountain biking is one of her impressive pass-times: with Lisa you’ll get someone who tackles the hardest administrative puzzles and finds the way to a clear path through.

Sam Teixeira, Director & Principal Instructor — Savvy Young Writers


Lisa helps me brainstorm and approach projects from outside the box. She is incredibly creative! In addition, she is always on top of deadlines and has a great eye for detail.

Laura Allen, WOW VA


Lisa is always professional and very organized while juggling the many pieces and parts of graphic communication projects we’ve worked on together. Her clear vision and methodical approach to getting a job done is inspiring. Lisa is definitely a self-starter and has innovative ideas to share with the many organizations she’s involved with. She’s energetic and always ready to learn something new to advance. I would work with her in a heartbeat on any project in the future!

Rita Kiefer, Visual Voice Graphic Design