• open-minded, optimistic and passionate about your work and your life
  • believing in hard work, integrity and honesty
  • craving time for you in the midst of growing your business — and understanding the need for support to make this happen

Are you ready for a strategic team member to give you the support you need to move your business forward?

When we work together you can expect…


the right things will get DONE at the right time.


more time to work on what you love most about your business.


confidence that the details of your business are being handled.


your vision is being looked after.


you will have time for your play.


As your operations partner behind the scenes, helping you realize your business vision with more ease is my priority: I am your team member at the intersection of strategy and implementation.

My focus is always on these areas of your business

planning & systems


project management


operations management


team management

With your vision in mind, our journey together begins with me diving into your biggest priority or project.
During the first 90 days, I will also evaluate your business systems, working with you and/or your team to evaluate what’s working well and what needs to be tweaked.

Once we accomplish our initial goals I will be there to keep your business running smoothly, plan your next project or launch, coordinate with team members and other service providers, and evaluate all areas of your business on an ongoing basis.

As a virtual support professional, and a business owner, my first priority for you is to find out if I’m the right team member for you. Before we decide to work together, I want to make sure we will be able to develop a collaborative and sustainable relationship.

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